TEAM Resource

The project will include the following outputs: 

Output 1: Course syllabus. A syllabus of the course will be constructed according to an interdisciplinary background on bi/multilingualism and bi/multilingual education. 

Output 2: Audiovisual materials. Audiovisual materials will be collected in order to better implement the purposes of the syllabus. These will be 10 interviews with leading specialists in the field of bilingualism research. Each recorded interview will last about an hour in full. Such materials will be available to teachers taking part in the course and to general public. 

  • Student videos
  • Instructor videos
  • Interactive audiovisual content

Output 3: Bilingualism in education course. A specific course on bilingualism in education will be carried out and addressed to teachers and educators working in multilingual educational environments. 

Output 4: Teacher Education about Multilingualism (TEAM) resource. Based on the experiences of preparing and teaching the course, an open education resource will be created, containing the course materials and the interviews, as well as other materials, interactive activities and links to other relevant online resources, to be made available to academic instructors beyond the TEAM consortium as well as to the general public. The resource will be made available in 9 different language versions. 

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